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Fire Commission concluded — 4 Comments

  1. Am I crazy, or is the last place you want to pull a 192k from is an already stretched thin volunteer fire departments budget in a fast growing community?

  2. No your not crazy. Thus is an up and coming communityand it is very hard to find volunteers willing to put the hours required for emergency services. The days of hiring a volunteer by if he had a morgage and kids going to school in the area are long gone. PAID volunteers/full time firefighters are needed now. Put the money back or you’ll have a mutiny and no fire depkartment

  3. Hmmm…the Fire Chief retires (after signing a non-disclosure agreement) and now the Sooke Fire Commission installed by the cabal running the farm during Mayor Tait’s maternity leave is disbanded. Something stinks and it’s not just the fact that retiring managers don’t normally sign non-disclosure agreements.

    What was the role of the SFC other than running out of town one of the most professional Fire Chief’s any community could ever ask for? Coincidence?

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