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Fire destroys trailer that a family called home — 27 Comments

  1. Is anyone setting up a relief fund? This seems far more important than that fund for the Spinnakers building/employees who are continuing to be paid by their millionaire boss.

  2. Not sure they posted on another site that they’ve lost all and have know where to go but to live in there truck.
    Where told to go to family center to see if they could help them out.
    Hopefully all is well

  3. Seems a large number of people are calling this a scam, citing her past behaviors regarding another trailer fire a year ago. If this newspaper uses facebook posts for its sources, I am not impressed.

    • This newspaper used the RCMP as the main source (we got their email), and Sooke Fire for the secondary source (albeit from Facebook). The facts, as presented in this SPN article are: there was a fire; there is an investigation; someone lost a lot. This article says nothing beyond that, cites no past behaviour, and makes no judgement. There is no “ask” for money in this article; so, there is no scam. We’ll leave the dispensing of justice to the RCMP. What happens on social media can stay there, whether the number be large or small.

  4. This woman and her company did a wonderful job for us cleaning our windows and gutters a few months back. I’m not sure why people are calling this a scam. Does anyone have concrete information or is this just a bunch of miserable people making an awful situation worse?

  5. There are some nasty people in this town. People who have nothing better to do than kick others when they are down are small individuals indeed. Sooke never used to be this way. These people have lost everything. Those of you pointing fingers and whispering from the shadows … I hope one day you discover what it’s like to be down on your luck and turn around to see there’s no one’s there to give you a helping hand. Shame on you. Karma’s coming.

  6. if everybody got together a throw 20$ or 50 $ in a hat we could buy them a another trailer it take about 100 people to throw in l havea spare 50$ steve

  7. I can appreciate where some people are coming from in their comments directed at this current situation.
    Right before Christmas last year, this same person put out a hardship plea on several other Sooke FB groups she is no longer a part of.
    Myself, and others, felt for her and pulled together assistance for her and her “three” daughters (as was her story then).
    My experience left me feeling taken advantage of.
    I think it prudent to exercise caution in this present situation. Assist if you feel inclined but do so with your eyes open.

    • Yes I did plea for help last February for my uncle who lost his home due to an electrical fire, he did not ask for that and neither did I ask for this. I specifically said on my Facebook post I am not asking for hand outs I simply asked for advice, information and resources. I also offered to do work for anyone that needs it as we are in a very horrible situation and are in need of any money we can get. When we recieved a little help at the firehall yesterday and were asked if we had any questions our only question was how can we give back! Yes shame on everyone that is saying I am scamming, I’m not perfect nor is my family and most of the rumours are complete nonsense but even if true no one deserves to have their home and everything they own burnt to the ground ecspecially not an innocent child! We literally have nothing and people have the nerve to sit in their cozy warm homes and decide weather or not some rumours are true.

  8. I am moving today and have towels and some dishes if they want to come by or call I can put them aside – will be out of current place by 9:30 this morning (Nov 30/16) or if anyone needs some towels in good shape – couple of feather duvets – 250-642-3088 again until 9:30 am.

  9. I find it funny how the most of the people in the SOOKE SOCIAL page were calling this woman a SCAM for her place burning down and doubting her gofundme account. Perhaps you should eat your words.

    As far as James goes on the sooke issues page LMAO he can’t handle the truth being called out on his page. Blocks people for speaking it

    I also believe the woman got banned because of these false allegations. Maybe try helping instead of being sooke a——s.. should be embarrassed for your pathetic judgements on the woman and her family

    • This is her third social media plea in a Sooke group in 11 months.
      She either has incredibly bad luck or a knack for story telling.
      Whichever the case I was one of the people who felt compelled to help her last December. I believe I was just one of a few taken advantage of in that situation.
      People have to go with their gut feeling on this one. I, for one, won’t be extending myself for this person again.

    • No. One is perfectly entitled to judge when they’ve been taken advantage of by someone.
      And they are also entitled to share that bad experience if they are trying to protect others from experiencing the same.
      No one is saying not to help people in need. What they are saying is beware the motives behind the pleas. Don’t get taken advantage of.
      If you feel differently you are entitled to state that.
      But it doesn’t negate the truths behind the bad impressions this person has left from unscrupulous behaviour.

  10. Delonna it might make people wonder why you are making plea’s for donations, as you also have made more than one request. you also made a plea for donations for your best friend some time back. Your FB page also did mention 3 daughters.(this can be questioned)
    Your address shows you are on the T’Souke Reservation The Band do so much when it comes to helping out the members living there. It seems there is so many different stories around your situation…if you were living on reservation land..why would you now be living in a parking lot? I am not suggesting any scam..but I am suggesting that there my be some uncertainty as to why your family is in such need..other than household items and some homestay which the band neighbours..I am sure are very receptive regarding your situation. Maybe donations for all household items are more necessary than money donations…just my thoughts…and I hope that you and your family recover soon from your loss.

    • I would love to take household if I had a home to accept them or a shed, storage or anywhere but as of now we are 3 people and a 140lb dog in a tiny car with the truck full. I’ve been contacting so many rentals and it’s impossible to get one. I’ve been I contact with resources like you wouldn’t believe and get the same result. We were managing to raise enough money each day for our room at the prestige but out of the blue 30 minutes before check out yesterday we were told we all of a sudden needed to come up with a $300 deposit plus a pet deposit and pre pay their ridiculous Christmas rate now rather than the government rate we were given for the first 6 nights. And when we weren’t able to come up with the $800+ in 30 minutes and were taking to long to pack up all of our things knowing full well we had nowhere to go the two cruel, bitter women that were working told us to hurry up or they were calling the cops. We were never, rude, loud, had no complaints and I was in tears terrified and they just had no compassion. Just get out or become rich I guess, I just don’t understand how there are so many people that can treat human beings this way especially in our situation around Christmas. And it’s not like we have a huge selection of hotels or housing. I’m seriously shouting out loud!!! We need help and fast!!!! The ministry is so worried about child protection but they can’t help us with shelter??? So they take her next and call me a bad mom because some horrible people burnt our home and I can’t afford to buy another one and I can’t find a rental!! I thought yesterday it can’t get any worse but yes it can!!! I thought I lost everything but I haven’t yet I still have my pride and joy! My daughter! For now! Losing her will be my last straw and she would be devastated! We are extremely close. She is the reason I am able to open my eyes each morning and continue to fight this what seems to be an unbeatable challenge. All this because I couldn’t move my trailer for one more day and couldn’t fork over $250 for one more day! I don’t understand how people that think that burning a families home down for any reason let alone for $250 are aloud to have children. Obviously one to many seizures has caused some serious brain damage if they Think their actions are at all ok.

  11. Everyone is entitled to their thoughts on a public post.

    It is surprising that one “poster” commented that he believed this woman got previously banned because of the false allegations. Then called the people posting “sooke a——s” and made accusations of “slander”

    I am curious if the offer on one of the above posts..that was willing to give dishes, towels and feather duvets as a contribution… was acknowledged and picked up by this needy family.

  12. Someone burnt down your trailer? So the police must be involved. There are many motels/hotels in Victoria..not only the Prestige here in Sooke. There are many shelters for woman/children that are in need. (I have worked with these shelters in the past) You may have to separate your living arrangements from your partner/dog..but that would only be until something more permanent comes up. I would hope you might look into a warm, welcoming shelter for you and your daughter.

    • Best to meet someone eye to eye, hand to hand, before sharing your nonsense.
      Or get off your keister and follow the leads yourself if you need verification. Did you can ask RCMP? Fire Chief? Check out burnt camper remains on Walse Road? Find them and talk to them?)
      FInd out about their stay under lights overnight in Western parking lot. Or staying for two discounted nights at Prestige ($100+ per night) only to be rushed out before 11am with a warning that rates go back to normal if they are not out.
      It makes me sick to read such inane speculation in these comments. Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you’re warm and comfy.