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Fire rating in Sooke is now HIGH — 12 Comments

  1. Just a quick correction…I checked with the Fire Hall this afternoon and backyard burning of yard waste and fire in fire pits is still allowed for now. They will revisit that on Monday and make a decision then.

    • Thanks Sherie! I’ve updated the article, once I heard from the Chief. I tried phoning this morning, and had a number of queries out, and this was the information I could find at the time. Thank you for providing an update! You’re awesome…!

  2. I believe the District does a pretty good job of getting info to the public via their FD, signage & Web. “News agencies” are popping up everywhere you look – it’s their responsibility to report correct information; if not, they’re deemed noncredible, and will die a slow death.

  3. Agreed. That’s why I took a direct quote from the Fire Chief himself, tweeted on April 21, where it was definitively stated that when on High, burning is prohibited. At some point, I have to assume the info is right and press publish. There have been less than a handful of misses over the past 18 months, and when it happens, it’s corrected and broadcast. As one person working 24/7364 I have to go with great for 98%, and good enough for the other 2%. You are, as always, free to turn to another news source. -Britt

  4. Shirley & Otter Point have now banned open burning. Small campfires or incinerators with screens are still ok.