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Five-year road improvement plan for Sooke — 9 Comments

  1. Seems like some big money being passed around. What skills do Councillors have to help them know if they are getting a good deal on road repairs?
    I hope they remember that they will only use companies that have business licenses and have gone through a fair bidding process. By publishing these numbers ahead of time they are giving the bidders an advantage.

  2. What an incredible statement that the streets are in poor condition because we haven’t paid enough taxes!! Where has all the money gone, some explanation are sadly lacking from Mayor & council.

  3. I drove home from Victoria last night and noticed a lot of wooden markers with reflective tape at the side of the road that I haven’t noticed before. I’ll assume they’re new. They were a huge help and I’d recommend them all the way.

  4. Are they going to put in pedestrian controlled Crosswalks where the new bus pull offs are going ? If not that’s just foolish. So many people trying to cross trying to either get or get off buses, including school children, and bike commuters coming off the Goose . And a crosswalk is needed at Ludlow, so much activity in that corner, gas station, Brewery, farm market , bus. Stops, petting Zoo, a restaurant, again a place that is dangerous to cross when get to and from a bus.

    • 2015 rates – Sooke historically low? This shows that we are third highest. I have no water, sewer or sidewalks. Where does all the money go – especially with our roads being in such bad shape? I don’t even think our line was painted this year!

  5. There will be a bus stop with a painted crosswalk at the gas station by Laidlaw. an actual covered bus stop on both sides.