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Flush with excitement, Sooke Council deliberates a new public toilet — 45 Comments

    • While I do understand the spirit of your comment, comparing what the majority of the 3rd world has for a bathroom (nothing) with the very nice washrooms that the CRD operates along the Goose is silly IMO.

    • Kyle Topelko this is not along the goose. This is the park behind my house that is surrounded by other houses and the fire hall and town hall. It is a very busy park with around 100 people per day walking through. How does a pit toilet in the middle of a residential area make sense. What about the smell. What about the human waste leeching into the water system which is a steam and pond filled with fish and turtles just meters away. Also home to ducks and frogs and many other creatures use this as a water source. Can we not expect better planning from this town council?

  1. In my opinion the utilization of the park does not call for more than a pit toilet. If we can get something akin to what the CRD operates along the goose for $30,000, that will be good value. If the DOS is going to install a plumbed washroom, it ought to be at the main parking lot of whiffin spit which sees, I would wager, 10 times more utilization. The current facilities are less than adequate. If in the future utilization of JPM Park warrants something more, $30K will not have been a lot of money to have spent to have a washroom over those intervening years. However, people prefer to walk along Whiffin Spit rather than JPM park and that is not likely to change.

    If you consider the hundreds of cars per day in the summer that go through Aylard Farm which is served by a modern pit toilet, we should be just fine with something similar at JPM Park. I should mention as well that the cost to install a plumbed toilet is way out of line. You could nearly purchase a house for the estimated cost of the plumbed washroom. Something is amiss.

    • No one suggested the bathroom would be a pay per use – rather, the $$ was an indication of the installation and maintenance cost to taxpayers.

  2. City of colwood just installed a very nice wheelchair accessible Porta john at colwood creek park which is the local dog park and new splash park. Way more traffic than john Phillips park and it is more than acceptable. Very well received by the public and very cheap.why is this not even considered?

  3. I understand all the statements about whiffin spit being used more but maybe they have plans to finally develop JPM park more and draw people to the location…? Pit would be sufficient though. I like the idea of a flushing toilet but I don’t like the quoted price.

  4. Who’s going to police and clean such a facility? Unless it’s monitored 24/7 It’ll become a vandalised unit and drug injection site in no time. Can’t anyone not see this coming?

  5. If we go with a flush toilet, there will be no end of calls for a plumber. Regardless of which kind of public toilet, users will inevitably dispose of their used needles. The sign telling them not to can be 6′ tall.
    Removing syringes out of a regular toilet is not fun, and somewhat dangerous.
    In the case of a pit toilet needles are also a pain when it comes time to get it pumped out, but less hands on and therefore less risky for the poor guy running the hose.
    My vote, all things considered, is to use pit, but make the sinks stainless steel as they are at Esquimalt Lagoon and the mirrors also stainless steel, as at Mt Douglas Park.
    Too bad we have to compromise so much just to counteract vandalism, but unfortunately it’s reality.

  6. How does it cost so much for a pit toilet, or any of these options and where are the other washrooms in parks they talk about? I have never seen a washroom on broomhill or whiffen spit? Am i blind?

    • There is an outhouse at the end of whiffing spit. The ones at broom hill park are only open in the summer if at all and well as stated above they put a porta Potti at Ed Macgregor because of vandals

  7. The public washroom at Ed McGregor Park has been replaced with a portable outhouse. It isn’t rocket science to surmise that a portable outhouse anywhere is the only amenity that won’t be vandalized by morons.

  8. plumbed like a decent y2k toilet but not automated please, it will lead to repair bill after repair bill. Normal plumbed toilet with no stalls, just a locking door: we don’t have millions of people out for a pee…we have one casual walker who needs to go now! Locking door for safe single use plumbed toilet. that is what I would vote for!

  9. Make sure that the toilet is big enough to deal with objects thrown down it – like large fruit.

    Remember – a flush always beats a pear