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Four months later, Throup Rd pedestrian improvements still incomplete — 9 Comments

    • The weather is the reason our roads are falling apart, it happens this time of the year and if they did the work now, they would have to re do it all in the spring lol. I agree with the weather factor

  1. It’s too bad the town doesn’t respect the value Jasmine’s Excavating brings to our community. She always underbids and goes over the top for her community! Just look at the horseshoe pit and trail by Milnes Landing. Just give her the parks and city planning contracts.

  2. There were orange temporary barriers put up however, they usually end up in the creek. Witnessed a young person kick them over while riding his bike on several occasions.
    I tried retrieving and pitting them back up, however they usually ended up in the drink by day’s end. Now they are gone.

  3. This isnt that bad conpaired to most areas! People seriously need to look around. The guys cant be every where at once! This is alot better then it was before! If they start fixing this again your all gonna complain about something else! We cant pave with temperatures like this. Blows me away everyone always has something to complain about

  4. I walk there twice daily every weekday and am always nervous at that part. In a way it was safer before because it was obvious where the separation between the road and the walkway was because the walkway was gravel. Now it’s not as obvious. In my opinion it needs more than a line painted. Not sure why they didn’t put a culvert in the ditch, cover it, and build the sidewalk there. I am guessing cost. I understand saving money but there is a fine line between being thrifty and just cheap. I have seen that line crossed a lot lately.