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FREE print copies of Agenda now available to the public — 6 Comments

  1. I call that a flip flop that caters to nobody other than a couple of really loud whiners who couldn’t move on to a paperless environment. They must still get a paper copy of bank statements in the mail I suppose, but are in for a shocker when they find the CRA no longer uses paper. I’m not a tree hugger but I think paperless is the way it’s going despite some being stuck in the last century, though I don’t have a problem with copies available at the office that people can read there.
    I guess the squeaky door really does get the oil, or in this case the paper.

  2. Sorry Mark, we thought you had a good grasp of what the issues were. This is about the District making sure the public knows what is going on in their neighbourhoods. Your squeaky door comment sounds like you have an agenda against disclosure. I think there was a fellow who ran for council who had a name similar to yours. But I think he was a tree hugger so I don’t think it was you. Good on you saving paper in your life choices though.

  3. Hey BikerBob, don’t be misled down the “freedom of information” highway. That’s just their story they want you to believe. It’s about a couple of whiners that could get the same information from numerous sources, not all of them electronic, but choose not to, and make it all about them and their unwillingness to change, all on our dime.

    • Uhm No Mark its about the laws that Council have set up over the years through legal process and having them changed at the whim of the office staff. That change was illegal but I didn’t hear any staff getting fined or sent to jail.

  4. Hi Mark
    Do you attend council meetings on a regular bases? Do you read and study the agenda and make comment when needed to keep our elected and new staff accountable? Have you been attending council meetings and following along with a paper copy in your hand and quickly flipping back and forth and taking the copy back with you , with notes which you have added to the agenda? I have. When I come to the next meeting and see the minutes not reflecting the comments and sometimes decisions, having the hard copy helps me to keep council accountable.
    I don’t whine. I seek to keep honesty and transparence alive. It is different sitting in council meetings than watching a video. It is about free speech, access to government and watching our tax dollar.
    What do we do? Retire us old dogs, who function better with paper?
    All council and staff have paper copies. Why? Maybe because it is easier for them to follow along as well. I do see them make notes as well. I only wish more folks would involve themselves at council and stay involved in our community. We should here and respect all opinions. Mark is correct about the lack of legal process. Council did not make this decision . It was a staff decision If we really wanted to reduce costs, perhaps we should look at some of the senior staff pay stubs?
    Keep involved. Your community needs you