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Fresh juices, smoothies and gluten-free foods coming to Sooke — 7 Comments

  1. A Kickstarter campaign to get the business off the ground? Wow! Ms Cavers (the current President of the Sooke Chamber of Commerce) should have more business sense than that if she plans on having a successful business in survive in this town. I wish her luck but hope she has some deep pockets to maintain her business in the long run.

  2. Great to see a Kickstarter campaign here in Sooke. Many product launches happen to get funding this way, and, in a sense, this is a product launch. Kickstarter is also a good mechanism for raising funding for arts/ creative projects, something we could use more of in Sooke. Just because Ms Cavers is trying a Kickstarter campaign doesn’t mean she isn’t raising capital and other ways, and won’t be embarking on an efficient capital model either, or a customer-funded model such as Mullins describes in his book on the same “The Customer Funded Business”. If successful her business will make good case study of a food startup in Sooke, and she’ll hire locals who can walk or bike to work.

  3. Best wishes and good luck! Hope you have the opportunity to offer gluten free baked goods as there are presently not many options available to the community.

  4. I am so excited to hear about this and can’t wait for you to open! I’ve just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Finding healthy options for me to eat and drink has been difficult and expensive. I think the workshops & tastings is a great idea. Best of luck and see you soon. 🙂

  5. I have spent over an hour on my computer trying to find your address. How on earth do you expect customers to find you???????