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General Lot A update: Logs sold to only bidder, no new news on new Library timeline — 8 Comments

  1. Interesting point! At a September 18 Special Council meeting, the following resolution was made: “Resolution 2017-390 THAT Council direct staff to have the contractor move all wood to the Public Works yard and that the transportation costs of up to $2,500 be approved from the Operating Contingency.” See https://sooke.civicweb.net/document/15607?splitscreen=true … so, not too sure what the costs were, but up to $2,500 was budgeted for their transport. -Britt/SPN

  2. Hey they didn’t offer the logs to me! Only one offer? Was that because they only asked one guy? Wasn’t that like a year ago? Thought they would be building it by now but I see the whole lot is under water. Will this be an under water library?

  3. It’s another stupid thing sooke councillor does…it cost 2500..to move all the logs to where they are now,,,rather than sell pu trucks loads for 100 dollars.,,,,I would have bought 3 loads at least,,now they sell the whole pile for 1500,,there was at least 30 cords or more,,I guess I’ll be in contact with Rodger to buy some firewood

  4. In a town with many resident loggers, we lost money on the sale! If you read the notice of sale, you’d have needed a degree from MIT to meet all of the criteria to bid. Why on earth are we tying ourselves in all of this red tape on these minor transactions? Kind of bodes ill for the new library project, in my view.

  5. Same silly thing ,about the boardwalk,,I thought tourism is a main priority,,why isn’t it done yet I would like to go for a nice walk,, ,or is it going to be another blue bridge issue