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What do you get with a room full of politicians discussing parental leave? Unanimous consent digging us out of the dark ages. #BecauseIts2016 — 33 Comments

  1. Well done! or comments to that effect are no doubt highly appropriate, but I feel that should not be the end of it!

    Council must be held accountable for this debacle!

    What should also be asked of Sooke councillors is to how some of them thought that appointing Kasper as a permanent member of the CRD board when Mayor Tait was on mat leave, and Kasper having no intention to give way when the Mayor returned from Mat leave, was the right thing to do when clearly it is morally incorrect and would likely have failed a legal test case in my honest opinion.

    The public should be able to ask such question of counsellors at a council meeting without procedural red tape being thrown up by way of a barrier to such direct questions.

    If Kasper makes yet another statement to the effect that it was a ‘Council decision not Rick Kasper’s decision’ then he should be asked directly, and in public, why he thought it was the right thing to do when he always had the option to refuse the appointment or stand down as soon as soon as Maja Tait returned from mat leave. He did neither, which to me shows that he is putting his own personal agenda ahead of that of the people he is supposed to represent.

    From what I am reading, and hearing, it appears that Kasper has knowingly manipulated council for his own personal gain, although I have no direct evidence of that other the fact that Kasper was somehow appointed as permanent CRD representative for Sooke, which is a paying position.

    Quote from a Sooke News Mirror article:
    ‘The pay for a municipal director on the CRD is $11,333 with an expense allowance of $5,667 for a total base compensation of $17,000.’

  2. Quote: “thank you to MajaTait for boldly going where no man has gone before: birthing a child while serving the community as Mayor.”

    No man is likely to go that route anytime soon either methinks 😉

    • I only support this! There was an entire team at AVICC that put this all together to show their support as well. Oak Bay Councillor Michelle Kirby took this on and brought a ton of momentum. I am so happy to have this move forward to UBCM and no doubt it will soon become legislation. Mayor Tait has done a great job of ensure that this crazy situation changes the future for women in government.

  3. Amazing this was even an issue in our modern times…shocking behaviour on the part of Sooke Council- to think in any way this was the right way to go- poaching the Mayor’s appointments while she was on mat leave!

    And look at Ewan’s face… OMG SO CUTE!! Society wins.

  4. I expected this of Rick Kasper I remember well his days in politics up island. Can someone out there post a list of who supported this move then all enlightened voters will know who the snakes in the grass were come Election Day. WELCOME back MAYOR Tait you were missed.

  5. I don’t live in Sooke but spend a lot of time visiting there with many good long-time Sooke friends. Sorry to say so, but I saw this coming after the executive changes started happening in December and after the Mayor went on her mat leave.

  6. Way to go Eboniy. So many positive comments from all of Maja’s supporters.

    • it cant have been just one councillor causing this problem – it had to be at least four as one on their own cant do it – Kasper acted like this as he thought he had support from at least three others – you make up your mind who are his accomplices….

    • and this weeks meeting was definitely quite amusing – citizen Kasper stood next to me at the town hall meeting of candidates at the community hall before the election and his first words were – (paraphrasing) – ‘some people say i am a career politician and that is not true”, yet as he admitted on Monday that he has 26 years of it….now these arent mutually exclusive and I know what i am inferring as it i as clear as day……

  7. Too bad the majority of Sooke councillors don’t have enough sense to figure this out on their own! Thank you Ebony Logins and Maja Tait for moving equality forward a notch.

    Now, the next hurdle is to “allow” Mayor Tait to bring her babe into District Offices, where she’s been told he will not be permitted. Talk about the Dark Ages!

  8. Ditto to the comments above. This is outrageous and shameful behaviour on the part of Rick Casper and some others.

  9. This was a real issue? Really? Being Mayor is a job is it not? When leaving for maternity you return to work as though you never left (more tired tho of course)