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Glass beads to be painted into retroreflective road markings on Hwy 14, April — 37 Comments

  1. Oh, and just in time for the election!?
    Don’t get me wrong, I happy it’s getting done, just the timing is suspicious.

  2. Yayyyyyyyyy!! Maybe I can have my life back instead of being held hostage by the inability to drive Hwy 14 at night.

  3. Make sure it gets painted the rip er up to repave the shit road then say theres no money to repaint it. Sounds about right

  4. There use to be “cats eyes” on the Sooke road when we were growing up …sure makes a difference on those dark rainy nights

  5. OK glass beads? we know it will wear off and need to be painted again next year. Where are the glass beads going to end up? Probably in our lakes and rivers and eaten by the Sooke salmon so we in turn can eat them. Maybe just enforce the laws and keep drivers from driving over the center line on curves.

  6. There still is cat’s eyes but they are recessed and then the depression they are in gets full of dirt. The old glass cat’s eyes were the best. In 1996 the slow ploughs scraped off most of the eyes and then they started recessing them

    • Would have been nice had the city spent $500,000 on lighting rather than a golf course they keep open 7 months a year and plan on closing.

      • Yes, I actually saw some one in the horseshoe pit the other day but it was just some kids smoking pot. I agree it was a bad investment to buy that land and build the horseshoe pit and buy a golf course. Our councillors either have too much money or too many friends that need these things. I think it was Ron Dumont that got given the horseshoe pitch. Oh well the raises in taxes will pay for it.

  7. One has to wander how motorcyclists will be affected by these new ticker lines…

  8. Everyone who comments remember the movement, comment what improvements you want to see or why it’s important to you and use the hash tag. #DividedBy14

  9. Glad to hear they are improving visibility with the new improved paint. However the ad that displayed when I first viewed the article showed a picture of 4 glasses of alcohol (for the Sooke Harbour House Tapas Night). It gave the message that drinking and driving is OK, especially since the previous picture showed the road. I have a photo of it.