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Government targets distracted drivers with increased insurance premiums — 5 Comments

  1. Big deal! They need to impound their cars and their phones and make them take the responsible driving course the same as they do for people with 24 hour suspensions. End up costing them closer to four or 5000 $

    • Last paragraph in the article: “When fully implemented, the changes will result in about $3 million to $5 million in additional premiums collected annually, which will be used to offset ICBC’s overall basic insurance rate pressures, benefiting drivers around the province.” -Britt/SPN

  2. he only distraction here, is that the government and ICBC are saying there is a problem on our roadways and that there is a direct correlation between touching your phone at a red light, and increase in collisions. There is no such evidence, and in fact, our crash rate per 100k is actually down in the past 20 years. The government and ICBC don’t want to solve a problem, and that is clear by the last line in their press release, which states this new penalty will bring in new ANNUAL income to ICBC of $3-$5 million per year. They are banking on human behaviour to continue. For the record, 3-5 million is insignificant in terms of cost savings for us users. A $250 million annual cost savings at ICBC only nets the driver a $75.00 reduction in premiums.