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Greater Victoria transit improvement plan Westshore to Victoria: Paving on Douglas — 21 Comments

  1. The only time transit is going to viable to me, personally, is when the price of gas out paces the utility and flexibility of using a vehicle and being on my own schedule and having the ability to deviate my destination whenever required. Even with the latest price at the pump increase its not there yet.

    Basically, as long as I can afford to drive and transit remains inconvenient, I’ll keep driving.

    • That being said, I would have no issue driving to Langford, parking and jumping on a light rail transit system like the Skytrain to get the rest of the way downtown.

  2. Busses take 150% of the time of driving pretty much anywhere….not specifically just Sooke to Victoria. Just the nature of having to stop periodically to pick up people. 150% is actually not even that bad….some of the routes I used to take through Vancouver would easily take 200 – 300% of driving time as they were so indirect and so many stops.

    Frequency is definitely an issue though. Hourly departures aren’t adequate.

  3. I tried transit from Sooke to Victoria for work and it just isn’t worth it. Buses don’t run early enough or late enough. To arrive at work for a 8 am start, I need to be on a 6 am bus? That’s crazy. Also, there are never seats and I am unable to stand for any period of time. And just try prying somebody out of a “reserved for disabled” seat. Ya, not gonna cut it for me.

  4. When there are enough priority lanes the bus should be as fast or faster than a car stuck in traffic, not slower. At that point buses will be competitive for many people, hopefully leaving lighter traffic for those who need to travel at unusual times. Buses don’t need to work for every person, just enough to make a dent on traffic. It’s a win-win.

  5. This is one of the few reason why I’m so glad I moved from sooke. Don’t get me wrong, love sooke. Born and raised, spent 75% of my life living there. But as someone who souly relies on the bus because I can’t afford to drive, the transit service to and from Sooke is a joke. An hour and a half to my job in Esquimalt in the morning, and most days ATLEAST 2 hours back after work. I moved just as they were starting the “improvements” to the bus stops and sooke road earlier this year, and even that added an extra 10-15 minutes onto the trip once the bus hit 17 mile. On average, my whole day out of the house ended up being 12-13 hours long, and obviously Im only ever payed for 7 of them, being the time I spend at work. Busing to and from Sooke 5 days a week, twice a day (sometimes more) literally depleted my quality of life. I couldn’t enjoy living in Sooke because I didn’t have the time, and when I did I was to exhausted to do anything. Sooke is a RAPIDLY growing community that desperately needs better transit service, and has for years now. It really sucks that sooke always seems to get the shit end of the stick when it comes to transit improvements..

  6. I take the bus to and from work in esquimalt every day. It takes me about 20 min longer than if i drive and that’s mostly because i have to wait for 10-15 min in colwood to transfer. The bus works great for me and saves me hundreds of dollars a month in fuel.

  7. Sharpen your pencil and do the math. I total my parking, gas, insurance plus wear and tear on my car to be approximately $700.00 per month. Parking downtown alone, if you can find a spot is over $300.00 and climbing. Bus pass is $85.00. With bus lanes my commute time should be reduced to comparable drive times. This is a clear win for me, because I get to live in Sooke.

  8. I agree, unless they significantly increase the frequency of buses and extend the hours, improve weekend service, and somehow speed up the route (dream) it won’t happen. Driving is faster and more convenient for Sooke commuters in many cases.

  9. I would rather ride the bus and have it take a little longer than sit in the horrible traffic in and out of Victoria every day. I can read. Play on my phone. Nap. Chat with other people. Listen to music. And not have to pay attention to all the other drivers around me. I much prefer the bus. So if they improved it then great. Still better than driving even now.

  10. I have lived in Sooke for 9 years and as far as I can tell there has been no improvement during that time period. The problem is not during peak hours, it’s off-peak times. Run busses every half hour and get rid of the stupid Langford milk run.

  11. I do traffic control and carry signs so I can’t take the bus….I would for other things if it were quicker but probably not going to happen