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Green Party leader Elizabeth May arrested at Kinder Morgan protest — 26 Comments

  1. Kinder Morgan has broken the law crossing streams and endangers our world’s health and they are not carted of to jail. Elizabeth May who is the leader of the Federal Green Party and represents 1000s of Canadians protests and is arrested. There is something wrong with our system. Children born this year will probably live to the year 3000 if we do not destroy it with our careless attitude. Lets not be so short sighted and develop some vision – we need to start phasing out oil and oil products immediately!

    • kinder Morgan is twinning a 60 year old pipeline, tankers brought crude oil from South America over 100 years ago, whats the problem

    • Don’t see any protests on the pipeline going in Victoria that should have been planned out better a 100 year ago instead of using the straight of Juan de Fuca as
      a dump zone for raw sewage

    • The world can’t phase out oil as thousands of products are made from it.Google how many things in your house & what you wear are by products. Please get educated on all the extra costs to live.Yes we can cut down as solar,wind & water power becomes less expensive but we need oil.Electric cars have lots of oil products in them.Plastic an many more items.

    • KM wasn’t supposed to cross streams with salmon spawning and they laid an orange liner in the stream so the fish would go away and they could lay the pipe. There are many more infractions and they aren’t arrested. Don’t you think the survival of wild salmon and BC fishing jobs is far more important than funding Alberta. Alberta could build a refinery and process the bitumen in Alberta and create more jobs and supply Canada with usable oil. The pipeline is to move it to the coast for shipment to other countries for processing.

    • If there is still an earth for them to live on. At the rate climate change is going the world will be uninhabitable and in the short term very uncomfortable.

    • Business as usual right? How educated about climate change and pollution are you. We need more creative thinkers to fix the mess we are in. One easy idea is have Alberta process the bitumen in Alberta and supply Canada with the oil products we need.

  2. Why is it okay to dump raw sewage into the ocean from Victoria, why are the Green Party not protesting this. Right in their own back yard. Got something to complain or protest about let’s see what you leaf lickers will do and I will join you.

  3. Protestors were in violation off court order so they deserve to be arrested. Of course May is using it as a political stunt. Pro pipeline people probably working then.

  4. Build the damn extension with extreme quality controls while they are still in office and in control of it. Our species will be extinct within the next 200 years so it’s a moot point. We have gone so far past the tipping point of environmental cataclysm there is no coming back. Focus on something that matters such as our vermin like population growth.

  5. While I am some what in favour of Kinder Morgan’s new pipeline (* the new additioin that is ten times less likely to leak than the existing ones) I am also in favour of the public discourse and peaceful protest of it.

    We need this dialogue to ensure that we get it correct.

    I fully support Elizabeth May and whoever said that she should be kicked out of her elected position if found guilty of anything: I have only this to say:

    All around the world every day we read about despots and dictators who use sham elections to claim they were democratically chosen by their people…one of the most used tactics is to jail the opposition with some charge or other and then claim they can not run due to a criminal record.

    Here in Canada we protect democracy by allowing anyone to run who is a Canadian Adult. This is what it means to be democratic. Your suggestion to kick out anyone with a crime in their past is what dictators do and is the opposite of Democracy. Thank goodness you are not in charge of anything and if you are: please resign right now.

  6. Do As I Say …. Not As I Do !!!

    Just another privileged Politician, disrespecting the Law and flaunting their Egos. This kind of leadership / role modeling is why Kids today are such rude, self centered losers.