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Green team proposes collaboration partnership with the District of Sooke — 6 Comments

  1. Great overview of our meeting! So far, the Town of View Royal and North Saanich have entered into a similar agreement with us – with interest from many more! The goal is to engage our community to care for nature together! Let’s get our hands dirty and help restore ecosystems!

  2. And let us not forget that the local Juan de Fuca Community Trails Society has been working on removing broom from the Whiffen Spit for over ten years and in the last two years moved on to removing ivy from Ed Macgregor. As a volunteer with the trails society, I have worked on joint projects with the Green Team and have enjoyed the mix of people with that focus on youth. They are an organization dedicated to caring for nature in parks and I believe they deserve support. I just wanted to get a thank you in and recognition for our local club and volunteers as well. Trivia: author Lou Allin, in one of her mysteries set in the Sooke area, credited the Red Hat Society with the Whiffen Spit broom pulls. It is the Juan de Fuca Community Trails Society, in real life, that has done the job.

    • Hi Heather – its been so great working with the Juan de Fuca Community Trails Society! Our goal is to boost capacity to groups like yours and to bring more volunteers from the community to engage in these projects in local parks!! Our charity takes about 40 hours for each activity – outreach, recruitment, reporting, media coverage etc, so that we can strengthen stewardship in our communities!

      Funding from Sooke, and our other funders allows us to continue to help groups like JdFCTS!! We look forward to continuing to work together soon!!

      • We also hope to infuse more volunteers into your group! That is the ultimate goal!!! Thanks for your support Heather 🙂

    • The high tide mark is in the center of the Whiffenspit Trail in numerous places. You just have to look at logs that have been deposited by the tides.

      Therefore, Whiffenspit is Federal Government property as can be also attested by the Federal Lighthouse at the end of the trail.

      Sooke Council should lobby and apply for Federal Infrastructure funds to clean up and bolster the shore rocks.