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Groundwork being laid for more housing in Sunriver — 12 Comments

  1. Sounds like the Sooke council has been bought and paid for with the exception of Kasper

  2. So we are adding more lots to sewage system that we are not sure is at a capacity that would require thought to expansion. We can’t figure that out due to water infiltration flows that need fixing before we can actually provide a report as to state of capacity to the system. As well we don’t have current community plan done. So why are they approving additional lots and zoning changes in such haste. As well if we knew some of this we could ask for development contribution to sewage system upgrade fund. Somebody should show some strength to provide a direction that has the interests of Sooke as whole in mind instead of just interested groups and developers who only think of there own needs.

  3. How was this brought forward with the little to no information with it & how is it possible that Mayor & most councillors could vote on it??
    Boggles the mind!!!

  4. Yes, I agree. Stop building so close to Demamiel Creak and Sooke River! We already have a car wrecker and a Garbage dump on Sooke River that Council won’t deal with.
    Also Mayor Tait should excuse herself from the vote as she lives right there in Sunriver!
    This council has proven again and again that they don’t know anything about the sewer treatment plant and aren’t qualified to make decisions about it.
    I’ll bet none of them have even walked the property in question but get to vote on it anyway.
    Please hold off until we have another election.

    • Actually the Mayor and entire council should have stepped out because they are making a decision about Sooke and they live in Sooke.