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Group seeks to share information on forestry corruption, collusion — 3 Comments

  1. I am a member and supporter of the Juan de Fuca Forest Watch.

    To clarify: the GoFundMe campaign to run the bilboard on the Pat Bay Highway was underway and the billboard paid for BEFORE JdF Forest Watch came into being. While I am a member of JdF Forest Watch, the billboard and its campaign were not projects specifically of the group.

    It is important to note that over 90% of the funds raised to fund the Stopoldgrowthlogging.ca billboard and website were raised through crowdfunding locally and regionally with some donations coming from as far away as Ontario. Also given at no charge by concerned British Columbians was the web design, graphic design, photography and even the billboard company dropped their rate significantly to make it happen.

    The website stopoldgrowthlogging.ca is still active and continues to receive ‘hits’ from all over the world. The website provides a list of email contacts to all BC MLAs and encourages private citizens to reach out to their elected representatives and request a moratorium on old growth logging in the province.

    Lastly, nobody that I know is Anti Forestry. Everyone that I know who is active in this movement or any forestry conservation group recognizes BCs long and storied history of logging and resource extraction. We recognize that there are still local jobs generated through forestry and that there are local families – friends of mine – that still fill their dinner plates through this industry. The over-arching concern is that local forests are mismanaged and the public does not know it. Logging old growth forests is unsustainable – a fact that anyone would have a difficult time arguing.

    More local jobs could come from a resource owned by the people of BC through better stewardship of the resource. YOur BC Liberal Government has been asleep at the wheel and we need to ask why.

  2. “Log Watch provoked a buzz about those ubiquitous logging trucks and their loads, making the invisible visible again.”

    present, appearing, or found everywhere.

    Hardly invisible.but thanks Captain Obvious.

  3. OK JDF Forest Watch.. some good info here. Would like to attend the meeting but I can’t see anywhere in the story where the meeting is being held. There are some FACEBOOK link but…… what if you don’t have Facebook? you can’t see the posted info. would be nice to see a contact email or something.