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Habitat for Humanity halts affordable home ownership plan in Sooke — 6 Comments

  1. Disappointing that this has broken down when there are many other land options that could be considered. The Murray Rd. parcel would have removed what little parkland left in the core.

    • I dont understand how a private piece of property can to be designated parkland? Why is the owner obligated to pay taxes on green space for the district?

  2. In the recent past, I have discussed the matter with a group of residents on Murray Road and some Sooke Lions members to gain some insight on the issue. I heard that some DOS civic officials had recently met with a neighbourhood delegation ‘for tea’ to discuss the park issue. Two issues that were brought up were: as to children’s safety – with increased traffic it should not be the place for townhouses to be built; and – that it was the only greenspace in the neighbourhood. Later, I heard that the Sooke Lions would like to sell the park and use the funds to build a meeting space. They have owned the land for over 50 years and it was time to move on.

    On further inquiry from both stakeholders, I thought that perhaps the Sooke Lions could swap the Murray Road park for a part of the DOS’s Lot A (5 acres) on Wadams Way. It is a known fact that the DOS will be hiring a consultant for $20,000 “to determine the ideal layout of the different uses and stakeholder groups on Lot A, including the District’s civic interests”.

    The DOS passed Bylaw No. 665 last year to rezone Lot A from Large Lot Residential (R1) to Community Facilities (P2). The P2 zone would allow “the siting of a new library, and provide for community facility uses on the site”.

    Council also adopted Bylaw 577 (Knox Centre CD 11 Zone) on Oct. 23, 2013, which provides for assisted living, commercial and institutional uses. The Knox affordable housing development is now underway and I have heard from many residents in Sooke their desired interest in living there. In addition, I learned that the Sooke Affordable Seniors Housing project is also looking for a home on Lot A and the DOS is supportive of their endeavours.

    And then, I’d remembered that last year Herb Haldane, a former Sooke councilor, was quoted as saying that “the property (Lot A) could sell one acre parcels for between $1 million and $1.5 million and eventually it could be more than that.”

    Maybe the DOS, the Sooke Lions and the Affordable Seniors Housing project could sit down for tea. Habitat For Humanity might even want to eavesdrop on the meeting.

  3. Phil, I honestly believe it was because of the location. What little of that land left designated as parkland….I feel it should be restored as such by the owners. It is what is left, as the only green space left in the immediate core. I understand The Lions’ reasoning for wanting to sell it but there are other tracts that are for sale in and around central Sooke that could also have served as Gabitat for Humanity’ purpose