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Head on MVI closes Sooke Rd — 14 Comments

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        There was…copied from above:

        Sooke Fire Rescue Service
        4 hours ago.

        Update @ 20:20: Minor incident on detour route. Tow truck enroute to pull out vehicle. Traffic will be impacted along the detour route for a few minutes. BC Hydro is working on repairs to the pole at the accident scene. Power has been cut while repairs take place.

  1. I wish we weren’t so damn polite as to not get to the point of why such events happen.
    The only excuse for such a major screwup is a medical calamity. Aren’t we lucky that all those opposing drivers are healthy and aware?
    If it is distracted driving, using cell phones, TEXTing god forbid, or just not prudent driving, then those folks should be hung. Not hang up, but hung by the balls or the neck. They should not be allowed to drive.
    Drunks are much better drivers than distracted drivers, who are not even driving.
    I have sensitivities to next of kin but I, and all of us, should know WHY such an accident occured.
    Please follow up with details so us innocent folks can be even more aware.
    We do take driving seriously ~ tons of metal at high speeds can cause huge disasters.