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Health Services in Sooke: Survey Results — 3 Comments

  1. Holy crap just read all of the comments. ISSUE 1: Research luminescent street line paint and repair the road lines. With so many night blind senior drivers happening, it shouldn’t be necessary to worry about your and other’s safety because you CAN’T SEE THE CENTRE LINE as you drive‼️

  2. It is evident that the Provincial Government has isolated Sooke from the most basic needs. Universal Health Care, safe roads.

  3. Sooke is #DividedBy14.
    Highway 14 separates Sooke from everything in the CRD. One way out.

    Sooke’s population makes us the 7th largest municipality in the CRD, about the same or bigger than 6 others, about the same or smaller than 6 others.

    It is time the CRD and the Provincial Government began recognizing Sooke for what it is: a forgotten but significant contributor to the Capital Region. Good for Mayor Tait to stand up for us but we have the perfect chance to be heard in May at the polls for the provincial election.

    Would View Royal, Sidney, Esquimalt or Oak Bay be satisfied with the levels of service we see here? Probably not…But those municipalities have the same population as Sooke.