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Meet the candidates, municipal, regional, and school board — 6 Comments

  1. Ok lots of homework to do to learn about the new ones.
    Already know about Kasper, Haldane and Pearson and will definitely not be voting for them. They are what is left of the disfunctional members from the previous councils.
    Some great choices, time for a change!

  2. Thanks Britt. A nice full ballot (if not quite a match for the record 22 who sought a council seat in 1999), and I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead. I’ll send you a formal press release sometime soon. In the meantime please feel free to add my campaign website and regularly updated Facebook page to your listings. Thanks as ever for the best one-stop municipal coverage in town, and sincere best wishes in your run for trustee.


  3. Do we really want to have a husband & wife team on the sooke council??? Maybe this is a joke on all the taxpayers of sooke.

    • Why would you say that, Jake? You do understand that married people are not actually “one”, and that each has their own brain and thought process and priorities, etc.