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Highway 14 overhead sign and corridor study in the works — 12 Comments

  1. That’s a good idea…as for highway improvements, my vote would be to improve visibility for the rainy dark nights come winter. My two cents πŸ™‚

  2. We need a double highway all the way to Sooke. One road in and out of town is a disaster waiting to happen. Many have missed work due to the road being closed due to accidents. It is dangerous . The community has outgrown this single lane road.

  3. Now we just have to have drivebc be accurate for the Rural areas. Also as someone who drives out to port Renfrew everyday from sooke. It would be nice to have a sign goi g that way.

  4. I agree……. no half measures. What part of bite the bullet and make it right the first time do they not understand????

  5. Id like to see it evaluated from the Sooke side. We want to be notified when we leave Sooke if there is a problem. There is a line item on the Sooke Emergency budget for Communications. Why can’t they join the rest of the Emergency Programs and notify the residents when there are road closures or emergencies? Hope these things get sorted out in the audits that they are doing.

  6. More studies!! The bureaucrat’s way of delaying the inevitable until the next election. Cost the 4-lane route and budget for it. Get ‘er done!!

  7. The signs a good idea, but twinning th road is not! Better lighting along the entire stretch, a couple more emergency pullout a, and a dedicated bicycle lane will certainly make all the difference though.
    Be careful what you wish for Sooke (re: doubling lanes), because if we become too easily accessible our town will quickly grow into something other than what you’d hope for!

    • Agreed. Remember when the Pat Bay was a highway? At peak times it’s a four lane parking lot. Road closures are a pain, I’ve been in quite a number since 1983 and would like to see an improvement in alternate routes without creating a larger suburb of Victoria, which is what, unfortunately what four lanes will ultimately lead to.

  8. Oh and I forgot to mention that the affordability of living in Sooke (particularly housing) would also disappear. Traffic would increase, crime would increase, small shops would be driven out by big business, and everything would just become a lot more busy here….doesn’t sound that great to me!

  9. A complete 4 lane Hwy is not possible in the current location. A canoe would be needed for that. The only 4 lane option would be dusting off the 80’s Hwy plan and follow the power lines.