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Horgan and Weaver maintain Clark’s political “games” are hurting British Columbians — 10 Comments

  1. Ask him. Maybe is response could be used to power a wind turbine. If he makes Premier, I hope doesn’t mention Sooke too much.

  2. I hate all three parties. But if I’m not mistaken, didn’t she win just under half the votes? And isn’t this a pretty typical political process when an election comes this close? Why is anyone surprised

    • Social media consensus thinking is global. England is in the same situation. Every one wants to follow the European model. That scares me. Look at Greece. And France has run over 40 consecutive budgets in a deficit. Something to look forward to as the NDP has no plan as to when the budget is balanced. Instead, they believe that per capita we don’t owe enough. No talk about the projection that there will be 1 person working for 5 retired soon.

  3. The UK just elected a minority government and they do not have a governing plan. It took them 8 days to have the legislature meet from the day of the election.

  4. Err, do we all know that a government can balance a budget and still go deeper in debt? It is just moving money around. Remains to be seen what is the actual debt future BC taxpayers owe? That includes people like me. I plan to be around paying taxes for another decade or three.

    • There is the financial downloading onto Crown Corporations that is occurring. It is the BC Comptroller General, Ministry of Finance that is responsible for the integrity of the budget.