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Housing challenges for Sooke construction workers now; affordability committee can happen in Feb or March 2018 — 12 Comments

  1. Mr. Haldane is just trying to carve himself more income by getting Council support by pretending he is trying to help fix the housing problems. Mr. Haldane wants to have Government support so he can make more money selling “affordable housing”.
    There is an election coming up so it might look good.
    The question …. is Mr. Haldane running?

  2. I think a better topic is how much these homeless construction workers get paid! A hard working professional not paid enough money to own his home while these builders sit back and collect millions is the real problem! The rich get richer and they keep knocking everyone else to the ground!

  3. If only a developer could purchase a house to house their workers! They have the money. They could rent it to their workers as they rotate through the job. Developers have the resources to help house their own employees. When the project is over they could even sell the house if it’s no longer needed.
    Or… actually build affordable housing. Make the first step to solve the issue.

    • Good realistic approach…if I complained as much how DOS does not showcase Sooke as a tourist destination as the developers keep reaping benifits from failed and successful builds get breaks and funding…man I would be also be way ahead! Where is my handout? Sorry not needed..work hard and enjoy what you do.

  4. Speaking of affordable housing in Sooke, I hope all of us here on the best coast of the island can get behind Habitat For Humanity Victoria and its efforts to get some brand new houses built in Sooke for Families that would otherwise never be able to own their own homes. Word on the street is its possible there could be a Habitat Build right here in our town! It is about time!

    • Habitat for Humanity project in Sooke would be wonderful.

      Sooke bylaws already allow for suites (attached or detached).

      I think there is a business model to prefab small homes in a warehouse and install them in yards and gardens. Not like a mobile tinyhome or RV but actually plumbed and wired, meeting the building code, permanent.

    • Habitat is awesome, I know a family that did it and it was so terrific. Lots of sweat equity in their home! A nice community came from it with all the owners house proud, all participants in the Habitat program 🙂

  5. We don’t need to subdivide smaller and smaller so we can sell our properties to tiny house people or put houses up with 1m between them. Affordable housing is apartment style construction. If our local developers were that truly concerned about affordable housing they’d buy a property that can be supported zoning wise for an apartment and they’d build affordable units. Allowing garden suites to be sold as duplexes, and building single family on subdivided single family is not the solution.