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How a shyster was allowed to destroy lives and operate with impunity right here in Sooke — 4 Comments

  1. This tragedy was enabled by our slumbering, inert and out to pasture RCMP.
    Serious Coffee appears to be the most serious part of their day
    There’s substantial evidence to re-purpose and clean house.
    The local RCMP detachment was complicit in turning heads

  2. I REALLY enjoyed this article! I was so appalled by the lack of concern on the part of the police and the inept justice system that allowed this to take place. My wife and I got to enjoy staying at the Sooke Harbour House and I feel so bad for the Phillips who have put so much of their lives into their hotel, their vision, only to have it end in heartache and financial ruin. I know there must be countless others, that own small businesses, that experience financial ruin because of these fraudsters. What a tragedy!

  3. We live very close to sooke harbour house. We observed how full the parking lot was,esp. the week-end. I said to my husband that the hotel rooms must all be booked. So where is all the money. Should that not be checked out. This guy T.D. had a field day,for how many years,and why were the Phillips not helped by whoever is in charge here.

  4. I don’t live anywhere near Sooke Harbour House but this article was very intriguing to me. Lori Peterson should be applauded for her relentless action against the perpetrator! All to often we have various law enforcement agencies not acting on real evidence. Unbelievable this guy is still at large!

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