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ICBC increases basic and optional rates by an average of 8% — 18 Comments

    • What’s worse is that the minimum wage is going to be $15hr. Yet us hard workers will not get a raise to compensate for that increase. In Calgary for that wage you could have a job with Zero responsibility, and still live very comfortable (if you chose not to drive). Our cost of living is way cheaper than Victoria. A two bedroom townhouse goes for $850 a month in a nice neighborhood.

  1. I hate this. The reality is that BCLibs bankrupted this Crown and Hydro and BC Ferries over 16 years of corruption. Still, I think that we (claim free drivers) should not have to subsidize these poor drivers in expensive imports. *end rant*

  2. Yet how much is the average income going up – NOT! We’re being gouged left, right and centre and everyone’s crying ‘broke’ – but their high costs have caused the problems in the first place so that everyone else has to raise their prices to ‘make a living’ and we’re stuck in the middle! No income increases, no bonuses, just being expected to pay more and more and now don’t have anything left to buy the basics! Something’s got to break this vicious cycle – because we’re already broke. Joe Middle Class does not exist any longer – it’s now the very rich and the poor!