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ICBC rate increase could cost drivers an extra $42 per year — 3 Comments

  1. I love the way ICBC calls vehicle owners ‘our customers’ when in fact there is no choice on where to go for basic insurance cover other than ICBC. Talk about a captive ‘customer’ base that will always return for 100% repeat business no matter what level of customer service is provided. Prices for basic cover go up. Can we shop around? No!

  2. If ceo mark blucher is trying so damn hard to hold off any possible increase then why have they already established how much our rates will be going up. This icbc bs is absolutely Ludacris. It is time we as tax paying citizens take a stand and have these rip off increases stop. For yrs now I have been a “gold roadstar” so they say but every yr I reinsure both vehicles they get one yr older which means parrs are more readily available and they have depreciated in value in icbc eyes but yet my insurance premiums raise as usual. What happened to trying to reward the good drivers. I am so sick of poor little corporation. How about mr. President and ceo taking a pay cut. Drop your wage to the average joe wage and maybe get a feel for what reality is really like. Icbc you make me sick!