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ICBC steps up fight against auto insurance fraud in 2017 — 10 Comments

  1. The one about people with injury and wherent even in the car happened to me many years ago after a minor rear end.
    Lucky I saw them later at police station and some other family member was trying to claim injury that wasnt even involved.
    I was young at the time and wish I presude it as the cop just questioned them a little and the story sure changed quick.
    Nothing more came about

  2. Well, I recently had an accident, showed icbc $10, 000.00 worth of upgrades to my truck , so it was worthy for the job I do, and they valued my truck at $3, 700. Makes me feel dumb, numb . they said show me some adds to prove it’s worth. Can’t find any. They are either on the road , or like mine. I AM NOT TRYING TO RIP THEM OFF , THEY ARE THE RIP OFF ARTISTS IN THIS CASE.

  3. The top executives exaggerated view that they are so awesome that they deserve big raises and bonuses every couple years is part of the problem. They give themselves a big pat on the back when there are less claims in a given year but it’s the motoring public that should get the pat on the back with reduced rates for not having any claims for years. They need to curb the fraud at the executive level.