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Illegal dumping costs; in this case, Sooke Girl Guides will suffer the loss — 7 Comments

  1. This makes me so mad!
    I hate that people think it’s ok to just dump trash wherever they want to! Plus, I live in Sooke and my daughter has friends in Girl Guides and she wants to join next year! I am currently trying my to get a couple of our Jeep groups together right now to volunteer to help clean this up. This is disgusting.

  2. Really a sad sight to see. People are dumping stuff all over the place. Perhaps its time for a free community bin for dumping waste. Its worth a try and if it was to work so much better for everyone.

  3. Sooke PocketNews, on behalf of myself and our Jeep club,
    642 JEEPS, we offer to come and clean this up. I shared this post on our group page and have offers of helping hands,trailers, trash bags and the vehicles and tools necessary to clean this up and take it to the proper dump. Please message me to provide more information and we will make this happen! Myself and our group members are disgusted with the amount of trash dumped in our beautiful forests and will continue to clean and remove as much trash as we can. Let us know where we can help.

  4. Great idea, Chad. And, if dumping were just made free, with a farthing or two added to everyone’s taxes to cover the costs, then maybe all (and there is a lot) of this illegal trash dumping would stop.

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