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Illegal dumping in Otter Point results in community cleanup, Oct 18 — 7 Comments

  1. This dumping takes a special kind of stupid. A person who doesn’t lack for a vehicle or gas but is too cheap to pay the dump fee. All their lives people have been picking up for them one way or another. Good on those that do the right thing, even if it means enabling these socially inept morons, by doing what others have done for them all their lives, but a good kick in the rear would help more, and make me feel better.

  2. Great community event. It binds the like minds together in a positive gesture while highlighting the negative impacts of the miscreants to the wider public. Way to go OPSRRA and the volunteers.

    Dumping and littering is stupid.

  3. Good luck with this project! I moved to Otter Point in the early ’90’s….and for the next 15 years my family and I Regularly picked up trash and junk left along the roadside and in the bush. From sofa’s to fridges to decapitated and pawless bear carcasses. The degree of human laziness, irresponsibility and lack of common sense is staggering.

  4. a burned out vacumme claener or a broken v c r is a donation from someone that wont go to the dump its goes to the thrift stores