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Improvements on Sooke Rd to begin immediately — 17 Comments

  1. Gillespie needs a stop light at Sooke Rd . There have been so many close calls there it stupid. People get sick of waiting for 5 minutes to make a left into Sooke and take stupid chances

    • Happy that changes are coming and completely agree with Don. That intersection needs a complete reorganization, but I recognize my bias because I live nearby. Traffic is so heavy coming from Sooke that sometimes I sit in a line of cars on Gillespie for 5 minutes as 50 cars pass by at 6:45am (I know, a pretty minor complaint, but it signals a potentially larger issue for the future as the population grows). Often, a kind driver from Sooke slows way down and flashes their lights to let me in. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for these people, but I could see that it could be dangerous for drivers who aren’t expecting the driver in front to break for no reason. I’m not even going to get into the other issues with this intersection, but I will say I see close calls almost on a daily basis—not an exaggeration. Ideally a light may help, but do you think it’s feasible because of the sharp curve for eastbound traffic on Sooke Road? Cars may not see the light until they’re right at the intersection. But I guess the engineers could figure that out 🙂 There are so many dangerous areas on this road that it will be tricky to satisfy everyone immediately. I’m just pleased that improvements are starting!

  2. Great to hear of the road upgrades.
    First step should be better lane and road edge markings.
    Currently almost impossible to see in the dark when it is raining.

  3. It doesn’t look like they have figured in the new Tim Hortons. I wonder how they are planning for people to get in and out of it in addition to all the activity at the school.

  4. Hi, Boris. I was at the press release gathering. Sooke River Road, the schools and the new commercial development between EMCS and Saseenos are on the list for study and improvement. I guess the ministry recognizes it is a big deal and are on to solving problems. I’m all in favour of traffic lights, myself. Gillespie Road, as another person posted above, could certainly use a light. The Premier, in his announcement, mentioned that the zip line and public house have to be factored in when managing traffic flows at that intersection/area.

  5. Very little in this phase addresses safety. Their priorities are mind boggling. How is a lookout at Sombrero beach even part of a highway upgrade geared to reducing accidents and improving traffic flow?
    Another question that came to my mind is very recently Sooke was in the news with a crisis of unavailable housing for the current trades people. The reason I moved to Sooke ( 2010/11) originally was because I was working on a 6 month road job (Grant Rd) and refused to commute.

  6. I agree with many commenters that the LEFT TURN FROM GILLESPIE into Sooke is an urgent matter. (And also the left turn from the small “Park and Ride lot”.) It greatly affects the community of East Sooke, which will be growing faster in population in the next year or two. I know East Sooke residents (me included!) who are just not going into Sooke as much any more – especially in the evenings – because it’s too difficult and dangerous. BTW: it looks there will be a public meeting about Road Safety and Improvement, with politicians and reps from MOT, at the East Sooke Community Hall at 7 pm on Feb 15.

  7. Regarding signal lights at Gillespie and HWY 14, Clancy said, “Ideally a light may help, but do you think it’s feasible because of the sharp curve for eastbound traffic on Sooke Road? Cars may not see the light until they’re right at the intersection.” A solution that would work as a heads up is a ‘stop ahead when signals flashing’ warning sign on either side of the intersection.

  8. How about lighted a cross walk near 17 Mile/Gillespie Rd?! I understand the parking lot across from the pub is not a BC Transit park and ride, but that is exacltly what it is during the weekdays. Doesn’t matter who owns it, people, including myself use it as part of the commute. It is SO dangerous trying to cross Sooke Rd in rush hour traffic, especially during the winter months in the dark.

  9. The road is fine; the $10m would be far better spent on law enforcement to deal with the idiots who think Sooke Road is the Indianapolis Speedway! There’s nothing better than being passed on a double-solid by someone who’s angry because you’re not driving enough over the limit already.

  10. Crosswalks are desperately needed from Ludlow to the bridge, even if just lines and signs. I’ve seen too many kids almost hit because cars refuse to let people cross even at intersections.