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Inaugural meeting of the new council — 2 Comments

  1. Would like to have seen Jeff Bateman as Emergency Rep. and Climate change. But Tony St.Pierre will go a good job.
    Tough to follow the mess the Councillor Reay left for the Library. Also Reay never did us any favours as member on the CREST board. We still have no repeater past Otter Pt.and no Emergency notification system. Councillor McMath?
    Glad that Councillor Kasper is out of the CRD position.
    Am sure we won’t see any past friends of Councillors taking the position of CAO like last time. Looking forward to see who they pick.
    Looking forward to great things coming up.

  2. “To represent everyone equally, and with respect”. That is the democratic ideal of government at any level. Wonderful to witness such a promising launch to the new municipal team. Now, if we also can get Proportional Representation at the provincial level —