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Increased bear sightings, what you need to know, and how to keep bears alive — 9 Comments

  1. One of the biggest reasons they are on the rise because of all the heavy logging that has been done on the outskirts of Sooke…no more forest and berries left for them to survive on!

  2. The trick is to pub yourself with lard, leave meat scraps outside on your yard, and convert your car to burn oil deep fryer oil. You can also leave your animals, bird feeders, and all food waste in strategic places around your home to ensure maximum scent give off coverage.

    If you do the above, no one else will see any bears because they’ll all be on your property, so they’ll only be a danger to you and yours. And since the prerogative here is to ensure no bears meet their demise because of human interaction, this is a good way to ensure no one else puts the bears in harms way. It’s up to you to take this into your own hands, attract the bears, and save them.

    This is a public service announcement from the people who also advise the US Republican party.

  3. we had a young male cub around a couple of times, one time it looked in our window! we chased him away and haven’t seen him again. Every year we get at least 2 females with 1-2-3 cubs and they all follow the same paths patterns as we have a plum tree and an apple tree. My husband tries to pick all the fruit as soon as they are ready. So far the bears have not been aggressive and we believe are descendents of many generations for whom our property is part of their yearly schedule. We have zero garbage too. We also have barred owls, woodpeckers, flickers, robins, stellar jays, bunnies, deer and quail, swallows and ravens.