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Jojo Villaresis guilty of sexual assault — 5 Comments

  1. Sorry, I think I missed the spot where the restaurant needed to be named. Don’t get me wrong, this is an awful thing that happened, and I am more of a skimmer than an actual reader, I just don’t know why the name of a restaurant that its now under new ownership and a totally different name. Seems kind of gossipy.

  2. Unknown news flash….and this article also slanders the worth of the establishment. Although I have never visited, the sushi looks AMAZING. Time to plan a visit to ‘get my sushi on’. My viewpoint.

  3. The restaurant name is necessary for those who do not prefer to have sexual assault for dessert after their sushi meal. #metoo

    • Also, who wants to support the business and put money in the pocket of someone who is found GUILTY of such a disgusting act??

      • Did you even read the article Kaila? Different owners, it’s not even called Mai Mai’s anymore which means you are not supporting the guilty party, but rather a local business. Your facts are unfounded.