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Juan de Fuca Marine Trail users, First Nation benefit from land purchases — 3 Comments

  1. Quick questions. Is my understanding that the Province now owns all of the land between highway 14 and the trail with the exception of one parcel near Port Renfrew one owned by a logging company and the 3 parcels bought by Pacheedaht Enterprises Ltd from Marine Trail Holdings in Jan 2016, correct. Four parcels of land between the highway and the trail were identified for treaty negotiations in 2013, long before the Pacheedaht purchase. . In Dec 2015 the province bought parcels bought 3 parcels of land from Marine Trail Holdings and in May 2016 the province announced that the land that the trail intruded on would be added to the park and then those parcels would become part of the treaty process. Now the last Marine Trail Holdings property is being for treaty.
    What is the status of the remaining provincial land between the park and the highway? It should become part of the park. With 37% of the Rural Resource Lands OCP area belonging to the people of BC as crown land there should be a lot of flexibility in treaty negotiations so that there can be a full discussion of what the land between the highway and the trail means to all of us locally, nationally and internationally so that economics does not force development that will impact the wild feel of the trail. West of Sooke between all levels of government we have less then 3% park and the rest open by courtesy of the logging companies

  2. Forest company sells to Marine Trail….they get turned down re development which would have provided work and homes. Marine Trail was dedicating swath of land along Jdf Trail as part of development proposal….now CRD is paying for it! Another 2/5ths of the property apparently going to First Nations…who’s paying? What will Marine Trail and maybe First Nations be doing with these remaining pieces? Almost as much money from tax payers going to this misadventure as we see getting pissed away in Jordan River with the property shell game Western to CRD to BCHydro to First Nations etc etc.. Gotta love it!