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Why keeping an eye on municipal council matters. A lot. SPN observation from March 14 Council meeting — 27 Comments

  1. great work Britt, great work….what a f*&&ing disgrace our council is, they are acting WITHOUT ETHICS!

    are we allowed to speak at council meetings anymore without written permission in advance?

  2. We have only two Councillors who seem to have intact ethics. Kasper and Reay need to go. Sullivan directly appoints her consulting partner to the aformentioned, excecutive position with no recruitment process, and apparently Reay has close personal connections to Sullivan. Who was in charge of hiring at the time – Kasper and Reay, and Kasper was acting Mayor. There is no transparency and no respect for the citizens they represent. Thank God Maya is back and in charge.

    • Perhaps Concerned Sookiete might want to put a name to their comment, rather than hiding behind anonymity. If you have something to say to me I would appreciate you having the courtesy to speak to me directly rather than hiding behind a post on the Sooke Pocket News.

  3. As a citizen tax payer and voter I am really becoming concerned with the lack of answers we get. It feels like things are being done that mayor and council are not wanting to or maybe not able to explain and be four right about. I have no problem with elected folks making decisions but they should be explaining and standing behind them.

  4. Great Job Britt!
    Thanks for keeping it real!
    Every Sooke citizen should see this!

  5. Ebony Logins is really growing into her position, and Brenda as always is challenging those who believe they are above challenge. Keep on keepin’ feet to the fire! Very very disappointed with what has gone on this past 6 months with this council.

  6. And Britt, you are hereby our recognised Director of Communications for Sooke, doing a way better job than the District or any of it’s “other” media outlets. Thank you.

  7. Great job Britt. Excellent journalism! Can someone please push a non-confidence vote against Kasper, Reay and Pearson…PLEASE! We need to get those clowns off council! Sorry Teresa, but you need to go too!

  8. Firstly thanks to Britt for taking council to task by accurately reporting and highlighting council blunders!

    Initially Teresa Sullivan said:
    “And this is combining the old Corporate Officer position with the new Director of Corporate Services position, which in the end will save the District some money. I don’t know exactly how much, yet, but it will be close to approximately $75,000.”

    Good on Ebony Logins for sticking to her guns on this. She kept asking questions to better understand what was being suggested. From my understanding Ebony finally received clarification that initially this move will cost the district more than last year in salaries and ultimately there might be an eventual saving of $23,000 further down the line.

    Later down the transcript:

    Teresa Sullivan: We’re still saving money, we’re still saving approximately … and don’t quote me … but approximately $23,000.

    Ebony Logins: So the actual savings would be about $23,000?

    Teresa Sullivan: Yes.

    Ebony Logins: Thank you.

    Just a small difference between the $75,000 Teresa Sullivan initially suggested compared with the $23,000 that she later admitted.

    It just feels so slippery and amateur to me!

  9. I still find all this very confusing and frustrating. Another item off to the side is the change to the councils floor plan. Before the public was in the center and facing the Mayor and Council, now there is a “wall” of desks between the public and Council. I feel like we are being excluded from the meetings. Minor this maybe but it creates a feeling of us versus them.

    • …now there is a “wall” of desks between the public and Council. I feel like we are being excluded from the meetings. Minor this maybe but it creates a feeling of us versus them

      Well said Bob

    • Wait until the wire mesh and barbed wire is put in Bob. We can’t have unruly citizens disturbing the aristocracy while they go about their business. Nor can we have Trump protesters either, have to get the pepper spray and riot gear out for those loonies, too…

  10. It sounds like the CAO is the one that is clueless and is providing inaccurate information to council. I don’t know if we can fully hold council accountable if the CAO is providing inaccurate information to them to vote on. Agree with the previous comment…it feels very amateur to me as well.

    • Dear Sherie:

      Historically, the patronage system has not been scientifically proven to yield the best and brightest talent. However, its a lot more fun, in a naughty yet generous way, than all the work and attention to detail needed for rational decision making.

      Thank you for your time.

  11. I have a growing respect for Ebony Logins for asking the hard questions while three members of council and Ms Sullivan did their best to obfuscate the facts, savings and purpose of the motion. There seems to be something rotten in Denmark. Thanks Britt, keep their feet to the fire.

  12. Great reporting and good for us all to know – thank you Britt for being Sooke’s ears and mouth!

  13. UNREAL! Just ridiculous how much money these people are making as non-elected government employees. Meanwhile we in the private sector struggle, and so many in our community don’t even make more than minimum wage! Plus, these jokers don’t even live in Sooke! They commute in…I really want to know how much the new CAO is making! Bet its close to 200K a year if you value benefits and all the vacation time she is getting.

    These salaries should be chopped in half, immediately! If they can’t find people to commute in to do the same jobs at 55K instead of 114K, then they should hire Sookies! Locals. Yes, that is right. Imagine that.

    These salaries are just outlandish for our small community. What a sham.

  14. Cut government employee salaries at the Municipality and invest the difference in innovation infrastructure in Sooke. A quick glance at the above analysis and arguments points towards the notion that there may be a lot of fat in the budget and wasted spending that could be better allocated to the public good through innovation infrastructure spending. Sooke’s Government should be a lean yet open machine — it seems instead to be fat, closed and parochial.

  15. Quote: “SPN is carefully watching. And learning. And reporting back to the tax paying citizens of Sooke.”

    Nice! Wouldn’t want it any other way 🙂