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Kemp Lake Boil Water Advisory lifted — 11 Comments

    • Indeed! The bottom of the article has a Related section, where you can see the coverage SPN has provided on the Kemp Lake (and other) boil water advisory. -Britt/SPN

    • Anyone who is on the Kemp Lake Waterworks system can go to the website and register for email alerts and information. If you don’t know where your water comes from, it would be a good idea to find out so you can help keep it flowing and clean. We can all help keep everyone’s water clean but if it is your neighbourhood, you have a special interest.

  1. Yes you should worry..as after the big flush…there was still fecal matter in the water. Seems to be ok with most of the Kemp Lake residents..as not many seem concerned..hopefully you are not going to eat your vegetables you have been watering with bacteria filled water for the last month.. There has been a problem with the water for too long. And the fact that KLW council have not been diligent on posting/notifying residents of the issues with our water. Oh wow.. we saw the warning sign “boil water alert” on a tree this wkend..first time for everything. How diligent that is!