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Kudos to the construction crew! — 5 Comments

  1. As a commuter I go through the construction almost daily. They have always been professional polite and get people through as quick as they can. I have actually enjoyed watching it’s progress. Also for the times when the lineup home was long. Thanks for the opportunity to explore areas of Sooke I have always drove by.

  2. As the neighbour whose wonderful German Shepherd, Mira, was so chivalrously carried by a wonderful young man to her office doorstep, I must say that both she and I are exceedingly grateful … ALL the road crews have been AMAZING! Yes, we work at “ground zero” of the construction, but everyone on the job has gone out of their way to be exceptionally accommodating and gracious, and have interrupted their work to escort us safely to our offices. A HUGE and well deserved thank you to everyone involved … and Mira thanks you too!

  3. Glad to see this story made it to the public! I’ve been into the shop a few times during construction, the flaggers and workers have been wonderful, polite and kind about letting me in and out very quickly. They’re always ready with a smile and a wave and it really makes all the difference for drivers 🙂 Well done all!

  4. So well deserved and refreshing to read this, after the onslaught of negative, even outright nasty, comments in certain Facebook groups. The construction crews are to be applauded for their professionalism and good work in the face of a few “not so nice” individuals. Bravo to all residents and visitors who have been patient and optimistic… and have worked their way around and through the “ground zero” construction zone. (y) So excited to see it when it’s finished! Soon… very soon! 😀

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