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Left hand turns at the 17-Mile House dangerous & illegal — 20 Comments

  1. deny them left hand turns and you will kill all three of those businesses. Where would people coming from Sooke turn around to access those business? It seems to me that it is not a dangerous place, it’s got good visibility from behind, people are already watching for merging traffic off Gilespie, good vis from the top of the hill and to attempt to turn around after that is illegal and impossible. It’s no more dangerous than the Goose crossing on the curve down the hill towards Sooke at the Stickleback.

    • highways and/or 17 mile should have to put a left turn lane in.seems highways is only concerned about safety in Sooke areas like Townsend, nowhere else

  2. I’ve always thought thay highway 14 should go around the 17… Sooke Road “in” to Victoria and expropriate the land on the far side for the folks going to Sooke.. just have the highway go around the property… with an entrance/exit in either side.

  3. as some who works at one of the businesses there I think there is a problem but it is not solved by policing turns. Some of us need to get to work and that’s where it is. Adrenaline is also mostly tourist fuelled. Tourist don’t know the area therefore they don’t know spots to turn around to turn in there appropriately. Tourism is our biggest growing industry here and is crucial to sooke. Denying left turns in there would hinder LOCAL BUSINESSES from doing business and employing local people. How about people just don’t drive like lunatics around that corner. That would solve a lot of problems.

  4. I wish people would just drive slower around that corner. All three businesses in there are locally owned and operated, all employing local people. They also support our local tourism economy which is our fastest growing industry. Being able to turn in there from any way is important to these businesses patrons as well as employees.

  5. It is not illegal right now to make the left into 17 Mile. Drivers can cross a double solid to exit a highway. If there was a sign prohibiting it (such as the one posted ‘no left turn’ into Stickleback) then yes. Instead of suggesting police sit there and watch for violators perhaps those concerned should contact Hwys to post a sign that is enforceable.

  6. If there is no traffic behind and no traffic coming, go ahead and turn left. If traffic comes up behind, go into the parking lot across from the pub to allow traffic to keep moving. When clear from both sides, cross over and park at the 17. Simple solution.

  7. Everything about that corner is dangerous. Even turning into East Sooke is a frightening experience. I never know if the guy behind me will notice me moving over and cllp me. Nor do I know if the people coming from Sooke will cross the line and get me head on. Then of course the issue you all speak of. Also pulling out of East Sooke and heading to Sooke. SO MANY go TOO FAST on that corner .. If they could only slow things down a little and make even better visibility (than they did last time) maybe it could be safer.

  8. Common sense should prevail. I have entered left into the 17 Mile often and safely. Perhaps a sign similar to “Trucks Turning” could be posted indicating “Vehicles turning left ahead”. However at the end of the day EVERYONE needs to slow down!!

  9. The only thing that makes any turn dangerous are drivers.

    If those on the road drive at speeds appropriate to the road type/condition and maintain a good safe distance between vehicles then turning left at the 17 is not an issue. I’ve I’ve done it many times safely.

    Turning left into Gillespie is also a safe manoeuvre in my mind.