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Legislation to guide move to electric vehicles, reduce pollution — 3 Comments

  1. current self made government going tell us what we have to drive. It’s like they think we all live in metro Vancouver. Wonder how close they want BC to look like Russia.

  2. Perhaps when these vehicles come down to a decent, affordable price, and can go more than 30 minutes without having to stop for a charge, more of us will be driving an electric vehicle. In the meantime, no thank you, I’ll stick to my hybrid.

  3. From the other comments here, there is obviously a total mindset of misinformation still hovering around the issue of the purchase and use of EV’s. I have had an EV for 2 years now and I would NEVER go back to a standard gas guzzler. You can easily find an EV at a very affordable price, like I did (former California lease car), plus there are government and private cash-back incentives when you buy and EV. Also you DO NOT have to stop and charge them every 30 minutes – that’s plain nonsense. I can drive into Victoria from Sooke, do all my chores in different parts of the city, drive back to Sooke and I still have 30-40% battery charge still left. Maintenance? Seeing that there is maybe 12 moving parts in an EV engine compared to 1200 in a gas engine… plus no oil, no water… maintenance is super low. To my mind there is absolutely no argument that would push me back towards using a gassed up vehicle. EV’s rule!!!