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LETTER: A phone line is a Life Line during a power outage — 14 Comments

  1. thanks Carol, always great to hear from you!! and always glad to help however I can…

  2. Helene, you’re right on the mark. This information is especially important for newcomers to the area.

  3. So true. And don’t forget that a landline with only cordless phones is also useless in a power outage. If the bases are not powered the handsets do not work. We have an old plug-in phone on hand for use during power outages and it has been a godsend more than once.

  4. We switched to Shaw phone/internet when they offered internet out here, but this last power out we decided to go back to telus for exactly this reason.

  5. I have a landline phone by my bed, but it is with Shaw. I though I got 24 hours of back-up but nope. I do have a cell flip phone, but of course it’s battery would dwidle down & I’d run out of banked ‘pay as I go’ minutes. I plan on Monday to phone Shaw (bundled with my TV & Internet) & switch my phone to Telus. I felt very vulnerable with no power for 22 hours & no home line for a time either. Not good, I am a ‘handicapable’ senior.

  6. This is a serious problem..we are in Jordan River and power outages are very frequent. We have no cell service as well. How can we get cell service…anyone have any ideas… Maybe a story in Sooke Pocket news to get some attention. I don’t think there are many places in Canada without cell service. Shirley and Jordan River are not that far from “civilization”

  7. very happy to see the conversation going on about this now!! please keep thinking about this it’s very serious. Perhaps we should contact our MLA and MP and the JDF CRD as to why we are shortchanged out here?