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Letter: As Sooke shifts from rural to urban, parkland must be preserved — 7 Comments

  1. The Sooke Lions Club is very sensitive to the loss of 1.9 acres of green space if our development is to get done but you have to consider the community benefits as well – we would contract out to professional daycare operations a space that could be used by up to 50 children, a service that our growing community needs; the claim that no engineering report has been done is not accurate as the only required report at this time is a soil condition report, mainly for drainage & soil strength, & this has been done & the land passed; as the Sooke Flats expands their campground there will no longer be space to hold community events such as Canada Day celebrations, All Sooke Days etc, which this facility would be designed to hold; the building would provide space for the many service clubs in Sooke to have meeting rooms; there would be a hall room that could be size adjusted to accommodate small to medium weddings, family get-togethers & other uses; if or when we have a catastrophic event it will be the perfect emergency safe place to organize the safety of our residents. For a further perspective of our plan, go to https://sookelions.com & click on ‘Lions Center’

  2. I’m sorry that the writer feels so negatively about this development. I do hope he is among the few. Mayor Tate has indeed shown the plan for the public to see and assess and what better than The Lions Society, who do nothing but good for the Sooke Community, to be front and centre in making this plan come to fruition in the part of of our town that is becoming central to our day to day living.

    • It’s not about Lions doing good or bad job. It’s about Sooke residents losing 2 acres of parkland and money from the parks reserve fund to buy Lions Murray property for no reason.

  3. The Mayor and Council continue to allow permits for the removal of greenspace in Sooke, pretty soon Sooke will look just as devastated and ugly as Langford. Tearing down forested areas for a lacrosse box and a massive parking lot?! Now take much needed park space to erect yet another building for a daycare? Didn’t this same council just approve a noisy dog park in a residential area that nobody wanted that lives beside it?! Sorry so the community has to lose green space because people decide to have children without figuring out child care in advance of having them?! How is that the rest of Sooke’s problem?

  4. Given that the Lions already own land, could the community not still be served by building their project on that land? Why does it have to on green space?