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LETTER: Build a seniors’ drop in centre before we all drop dead — 20 Comments

    • I dont know anything about the need for a dedicated building for a seniors center but If stairs are the issue with the Legion that is an easy and comparatively inexpensive fix.

    • If seniors wanted the use of the upstairs of the Legion as well it wouldn’t cost that much to install an elevator. It’s a nice big facility maybe somebody should approach the Legion and check on government grants .

      • From what I understand, installing elevators has already been looked into by the Legion. The cost would be very high and putting an elevator in a cement block building is not allowed because of potential for earthquakes/

  1. What about when the new library is built the old one could be renovated for the senior’s centre? Central location, no stairs, plenty of square footage. Parking (a lot come via the senior’s bus). I think it would be perfect!!! I’m in my early 50’s and know many senior’s who really miss getting together. Come on Sooke, like Carol said, a lot is being done for children and youth but what about our elders? It is a disgrace in my eyes.

  2. Good God. No new library yet, no replacement of the burned mall, no weight room at Seaparc, Reading room closed, shall I continue to list the projects never done? Not sure they could get a seniors centre off the ground either. Very disappointing.

    • I agree that this council, and the ones before it, have been disappointing; but I think some of those things you’ve mentioned are beyond their control, such as the rebuilding of the mall (property owner and developer), and reading room (private venture) and to some degree, Seaparc (influenced by the CRD).

      • The library should be built where the RBC Bank burnt down.

        There is more than enough space and parking,and it is in the center of town which is the preferred site for all concerned.

        I wish the Current Council would start using some common sense.

    • I hope this letter will also be mailed to council, or better yet, read out at the next meeting.

  3. Very well written, Carol. I agree totally with everything you have written. Our politicians should be embarrassed that we are still without a Senior’s Centre that can operate five days a week. It is a sad situation for so many lonely senior’s who NEED a friendly environment to go to instead of staring at four walls day in and day out. We need a place we can call our own. The Legion is a wonderful place but it wouldn’t be a good fit for our needs. Come on Sooke, is this any way to treat your parent’s , grandparent’s and great grandparent’s?????………I think not, so please call on your local and provincial politicians to do something quickly before we lose more of our valuable citizens who are so deserving. Thank you.

  4. I’m pretty sure there had been a home at the community hall for quite some time, just not a dedicated Centre. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. Yes, I’d like to see a list of properties that Council has bought. There is the one by the Salmon enhancement building, the one where the unused horseshoe pitch is on, the unused golf coarse they bought, the one where the Library isn’t going to go.. etc. etc. They could have built a Senior Centre but Councillors like Burger take our money and spend hundreds of thousands on artificial turf for her kids to play on. So many conflicts of interest in their spending.

  6. The Sooke Community Association did provide space and the District of Sooke subsidized it for a couple of years. It did allow them to continue their inexpensive lunches and BINGO two days a week, but that was all. Membership dropped as the services they could offer dropped. They appreciated the good will however the challenges were too numerous to list here and they closed in December with not enough people coming even to keep the BINGO going.

  7. I like he idea of the Legion or the old library. Both are accessible so no need for funds for a new building.