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LETTER: Out-of-catchment schoolbus blues, this parent needs suggestions — 15 Comments

  1. Like the kids in SD 61 (victoria) a child can live in James bay and their catchment middle school is at Fort and Moss a very long walk alone for a 6th grader. So the parents have to purchase a monthly bc transit bus pass at a cost of $45 and have their child using public transit in the early hours. The province is supposed to make sure kids can get to school. Those walks are not reasonable and neither would be going from John Muir to Sassenos.

  2. My middle-schooler takes the bus to Journey. We live less than 10kms from the school on West Coast Rd and her bus ride home is 78mins and over 45kms long. She travels down Sooke River Rd and down Whiffen Spit, which are already serviced by other busses. Kids in Port Renfrew are home 30 mins before her and they live 70kms from school. It is the most inefficient system.

    • They have not revamped the routes for years to make better. There are so many buses traveling half empty that could be more utilized and routes could be reconfigured to make more sense then maybe there wouldn’t be such a problem with the kids who are “out of catchment areas”.

    • Cannot understand why some agreement, acceptance be reached. Is this fear of retaliation for stepping out of the boundaries of the rules? Then please compromise for these parents and children’s sakes.

  3. Quite frankly I find it offensive that it has been made political to get a child to school. First of all I was taken to school by bus for free and now there is a HUGE fee…second the catchment area, if a child lives in a neighbourhood they should get into the school if not there should not even be a problem for them to be bused with the HUGE fee to the nearest available school.
    What the hell is wrong with the School District that they make this an issue for a child. Because if they don’t think that that child is worrying about how she/he is going to get to/from school and how this is affecting their family boy oh boy they just don’t think about families anymore.

    I am very sorry about this situation and I really hope that someone who is making the decisions has some humanity still left inside them for the CHILD is the one who is ultimately paying for this.

    • I join in your plea for understanding and making a decision outside of the framework of the ‘rules’

  4. The routes are so inefficient. We live less than 10km from Journey and my middle schooler is on the bus for an hour and 20mins on a route that travels over 45kms. We love near Kemp Lake and out bus goes down Sooke River Rd, which is nowhere near us and is serviced by other buses.

  5. It’s been over 50 years sense I attended school of any kind and back then we had to walk to and from school both ways “up hill” with “hot rocks” in our pockets just to stay warm in the winter.
    Now our tax money help support a bus system that is somewhat flawed and wasteful ….. isn’t progress grand….this is your tax dollars at work for you and your families!

  6. Call your school trustees, Bob Philips, Neil Poirier and Margot Swinburnson. I am sure they can help you out.

  7. I know what I would do. I would meet with the principle of the school closest to you and tell them that your child is going to be dropped off at the main office on the day school starts. Tell “them” to sort it out.
    Have your child chose a good book to read and have them sit in the office until it was time to go home. Insist that they make space or arrange transportation The child will learn an important lesson and education about how to stand up for ones rights.
    Believe me……this will get their attention. Explain to your child the process and why you are doing it. Make this part of his or her education. Governments and institutions work for us. Not the other way around. If this is all your child learns in life they will go a long way.
    I’m absolutely serious. This is what I would do. I believe that your story would get international attention and put these incompetent fools in their place.

    • I agree with the above writer. If we do not have the courage to “stand up for one’s self”, then are we any better than the spineless, cowardly, “incompetent fools” in government?