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Letter: Cohousing, and its benefits and problems — 3 Comments

  1. Co-op (Cooperative) housing is an affordable option and funding support has been talked about by the Federal and Provincial governments. Information from Co-op Housing Federation of BC.

  2. Unfortunately land prices in many urban areas are very expensive and available housing is even more so. Until speculation is somehow taken out of the equation, housing prices including co-housing prices, will continue to be high. Co-op housing can be an affordable alternative but generally it takes government support to make it happen, support that hadn’t been forthcoming for many years.

    • I agree that government support is important for the ongoing success of cohousing. And now, in the absence of this kind financial and organizing support, forming cohousing communities are forced into choosing the kind of building sites That can attract a sufficient number of financially secure folks in a timely way. Folks who are willing to take the financial risks in such an innovative mode of housing and do it in the time frame required by the considerable constraints of big development construction in this real estate world craziness.