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Letter: Consider revisioning Lot A and Mariner’s Village — 2 Comments

  1. Good points in your letter. Perhaps this should be considered! What a wonderful idea to permanently save our amazing view of the harbour for everyone. For a waterfront community there is very little access to our harbour. For what its worth, all the property on the water side should be considered for expanding the commercial and town core. How amazing would it be to really be a seaside village!

    • I agree how amazing it would be. If you haven’t already read the Official Community Plan, there are some statements made to that ‘effect’. Here are some glimmering gleanings from the OCP ~

      TOURISM – OCP 2014 –

      Sooke has an emerging tourism industry. Although Sooke is predominantly located on the north shore of the Sooke Harbour and Basin, waterfront access is not abundant, nor consistent.

      The community has expressed a great desire to increase public access to the waterfront and for creation of waterfront trails for tourists and residents alike.

      TOWN CENTRE – OCP 2014 – 7.4.3 OBJECTIVES

      a. Land use and form and character guidelines shall be consistent with that of the Town Centre Plan

      b. To create a Town Centre that is strongly connected to the waterfront

      c. To create a coherent and identifiable “West Coast” character as a theme that promotes Sooke’s natural beauty, cultural and maritime history

      7.6 DEVELOPMENT PERMIT AREA (DPA) #3 Protection of View Corridors

      a) Maintain, enhance or frame views to natural areas, especially Sooke Harbour and Basin and the Olympic Mountains

      b. Place buildings on sites to maintain existing view corridors or open up new ones

      And again, there was this ~

      District of Sooke 2016 Strategic Plan

      Our Official Community Plan (2014) is critical to our community vision and we will ensure it stays current enhancing community liveability.

      The District will work towards
      – making Sooke a vibrant and
      accessible community
      – focus on making the town centre vibrant
      and accessible
      – improve opportunities for residents to gather
      and connect
      – take steps to protect Sooke’s natural beauty