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Letter: Dumping at the Broomhill (former water) park: NOT OK! — 21 Comments

  1. I hate that so much. Especially these people who throw their garbage on the curb with a “free” sign. Two ridiculously dated and ripped chairs along with a disgusting looking cat scratcher on the side of the road near Waddams, and not long ago someone left an old TV at the crosswalk from Country road to the police station.
    If it’s dated, noticeably ripped AND stained, I can guarantee you no one will want it as it is GARBAGE. Deal with it yourself! So shameful.

  2. I’m a person who throws my stuff in front of my own home with a free sign, it hurts my heart to throw perfectly good but unsaleable stuff out, i leave it out for a few days and then what doesn’t get taken I deal with, I think there is a polite way of doing the free stuff thing, I’ve scored few stuff myself too…

  3. This isn’t a dump. Put your decent stuff at the curb on a sunny day with a free sign and post it on usedvic for free. In a day or 2 if it’s not gone take it to the dump or hire someone to do it.

  4. In front of your own house is one this
    A kids park is not the place for this kinda like that 55″ flatscreen that was on the side of the road by kangaroo for 2 months
    I wonder if we raised people’s taxes to make garbage free if we would still have people doing this
    A lot of smaller towns have free garbage dumps renfrew for one

  5. It would be nice is someone recognizes where these items were offered for sale and the guilty party or parties could be brought to justice or at least forced to pick up their junk.