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Letter: Electric car recharge stations make economic sense for Sooke — 7 Comments

  1. Fast-charging EV stations in the town centre and at the Municipal Hall were on the want-list of the District’s Climate Change Action Committee. That committee has now been disbanded, however, so thank you Ms. Lambert for raising the idea and hopefully Sooke council and staff will take note. Federal and provincial grants are available to cover a share of the costs. Good news: The Youth For Change student group at Edward Milne Community School is well underway in raising funds to have a charging station installed at the school. As it stands now, we currently have three EV stations in town — one each at the Sooke Harbour House, the Prestige Hotel and the T’Sou-ke First Nation.

    • None of the EV stations are close to the town core where I do my business and all are directly linked to businesses. The hotel ones are only for patrons, and the other one isn’t even close to a coffee shop. They are also not signed at all to let people know that are visiting our community that we even have any here. I have been asked by other Ev drivers where a charge hub is in town multiple times. One by SEAPARC would be great as well for all the visitors that play hockey or go to events there.

  2. Well… sooke is way behind the times but it’s easy to catch up. As an EV driver myself, I’d love to see chargers in and around shopping, restaurants, the library, parks, schools, etc. Businesses need to step up, so does government. Ill sell chargers to the municipality and business owners at a discount. Let’s get it done. It helps with tourism, EV drivers travel to locations they can charge.

  3. Yes, we are truly behind the times. I would like to see the district work more closely with the T’Sou-ke Nation and copy some of their initiatives. Including the charging stations.
    The district should rethink terminating all the committees that have been reporting to Council. They need the advise.
    There are several things that have come to Council that have been ignored. In addition to the charging stations, the town Centre doesn’t even have a public toilet or free WiFi for visitors to use.

  4. I totally agree with this idea ….as an electric car owner myself. We have found that our shopping habits have changed because of the charging station locations. For example: We will chose a theatre or a restaurant based on the electric charging station location. The saved cost of electricity is only a few pennies but it makes sense to plug in where you can and get a few more kilometres. One night we went to the movie “Deep Water Horizon”, a movie about the oil spill disaster in the Gulf and we came out to our fully charged electric car thanks to a charging station at our local bank. How sweet and ironic was that!
    We feel that the best way to stop an oil pipeline is to stop using the stuff wherever we can. It feels so nice to drive by all the gas stations:)

  5. I am in the process of obtaining an all-electric vehicle myself, so this line of thought is of great interest to me. We have the T’Sou-ke First Nation leading the way with their fabulous solar project. Solar was also added to the Sunriver allotment gardens this past September. It would be great to combine solar with the charging stations. With the ridiculous amount of gas guzzling trucks on the roads of Sooke, it is time for our community to begin a shift towards sustainability and the inclusion of public accessible solar power and electric car charging stations would be a great start.