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Letter: Five fire suppression suggestions — 2 Comments

  1. #1 is an International symbol used world wide .Lots of red tape to change to your personal preference .#2 Is this at the sides of the roads or throughout every green space in existence?
    #3 If you have attending personnel at the scene of an MVI .Should they not clean up the mess rather than adding costs to the highways dept busy schedule and budget costs?#4 I agree or even raise the fine #5 Our hydro costs are already through roof .This idea in a perfect world would help. The cost would be astronomical to have every existing power line cleared of any imposing greenery .

  2. Fire prevention by signs not so costly as fighting a fire.
    It is the job of Mainroad to clean up after an accident in our region. Hydro already pays to clean up the lines, just do a better job. The CRD just cut dead limbs and trees on the Goose to reduce the fuel.