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Letter: Group opposing Lions clubhouse at John Phillips Memorial Park to protest, September 4 — 12 Comments

  1. YES – Let’s allow the Sooke Lions into John Phillips Park. Just think about it… an outdoor stage, a community building and more. We know the Lions, all of them, are a Great Community Nonprofit Society that acts in such a way that their intent it is always to benefit All.

  2. I agree with Koshin. Sooke Lions have done so much for our community and have more than proven themselves over and over and over. Everything is community oriented and what a great opportunity to get even more of “our” community involved. In my opinion it’s way overdue.

  3. The John Phillips Park is the only open green space left within easy walking distance of Sooke. Let us remember that the council have already allowed half of the original Park to be built upon. We all support the great work carried out by the Sooke Lions but I understand they have been offered land elsewhere.
    Let us preserve the little piece of green we have left in Sooke.
    To express your opinion you will need an Electoral Response Form from the District of Sooke Municipal Hall.

    David Lintern.

  4. There was a statement in the preamble to your article on the John Phillips Park that states, and I quote…..
    “the negative voting process set out by Sooke Council does not allow for full public engagement”
    Is that true ?

  5. The outdoor stage at Ed Mcgregor park has been hardly used. If this is a selling feature for John Phillips, how is this site going to be different? Bigger events that will rival Luxton fairground? Also, it seems the habitat sensitivity of the Notts Brook Creek only comes into play only when talking a location for the dog park.

  6. I question the logic of a sound stage being built across from existing housing and planned condenced housing. Not to mention all the housing lining the other side of the park. Sounds like a confict to me.

  7. Sorry for my ignorance but who was John Phillips and why is a Park named after him ? David Lintern

  8. John Phillip was a worker who cut the grass at the originaly named Broomhill Golf Course. He died in a work place accident there and the golf course was renamed in his memory.

  9. The Sooke Lions Club is very sensitive to the loss of 1.9 acres of green space if our development is to get done but you have to consider the community benefits as well – we would contract out to professional daycare operations a space that could be used by up to 50 children, a service that our growing community needs; the claim that no engineering report has been done is not accurate as the only required report at this time is a soil condition report, mainly for drainage & soil strength, & this has been done & the land passed; as the Sooke Flats expands their campground there will no longer be space to hold community events such as Canada Day celebrations, All Sooke Days etc, which this facility would be designed to hold; the design would provide space for the many service clubs in Sooke to have meeting rooms; there would be a hall room that could be size adjusted to accommodate small to medium weddings, family get-togethers & other uses; if or when we have a catastrophic event it will be the perfect emergency safe place to organize the safety of our residents. For a further perspective of our plan, go to https://sookelions.com & click on ‘Lions Center’

  10. I certainly support the work the Lions do, however the rumour of another site option I hope to be true. Council has already expedited the approval and supposed September construction start of dog compound in the narrow Pond Corridor. A councilor mitigated the impact of that decision by explaining no matter where it goes some residents will effected. So, now a noisy dog compound in the hood and we are supposed to welcome a project of this magnitude and noise? I supported the 2 day music festival. It is a balance of community. However, what you are planning with the construction and invite to all of Sooke to celebrate Sooke day and Canada Day is out of my community comfort and noise level. Currently as you enter the park from Townsend you regularly hear music blaring in the evening from the old Mulligans building. Not sure what that is about. I just look at that as a prelude to what is being proposed. During the music in the park, I could just sit in my backyard and listen to the muffled guy on the mic and fairly clear the song that followed. The proposed location of the outdoor stage would be even closer. Not to mention wedding and other event noise. No thanks. Keep the park the way it is.

  11. The proposed Lions Clubhouse in the park is not a community centre run by the town. It will be operated by the Lions or have services subcontracted out. All bookings for the hall will be under their control with no community input. Why do the Lions need a 300 seat venue but to generate income to support their chosen donations. Yes good intentions but not ones chosen by the community. The Lions are not making a donation to the town for a community hall, they are getting valuable public land for a private venture. Will they make a donation so that it is truly a community hall for all Sooke Citizens? I am of the view that other locations are preferable without intrusion into the only large open space park in the town core.